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Livermore, CA


$980 per day, per person

  1. Enrollment is limited, so register early
  2. Lunch is provided
  3. Map and hotel information will be forwarded with registration confirmation

For more information call (800) 441-1140

Interactive hands-on classroom instruction

Drones, Tracks, Models & Mobile Apps

Tuesday - Measuring job progress from drone topos

Learn practical methods for measuring earthwork production, and tracking completion of concrete, paving and pipe from drone photogrammetry. Class will cover earthwork quantity calculations that account for subsidence, soil compaction and topo registration.

Wednesday - Monitoring work and effectiveness from machine tracks

Learn methods for using the real-time tracks from the motion of machines to remotely monitor job efficiency (move-time per cost-hour) and measure operational effectiveness against a pre-specified production plan. Learn to study tracks from a prior job to guide development of realistic production plans for current jobs.

Thursday - Managing the GPS model

Learn to efficiently create finished grade GPS models for Topcon, Trimble or Leica, from CAD or LandXML. Learn to create rough grade models from takeoffs and PDFs. Learn to inspect, edit and update GPS models outsourced from modeling services, and to view and validate models on-site using mobile apps.

Prerequisites: Surveying or construction management experience and good computer skills.

Class Month:
  • Tuesday - Drone
  • Wednesday - Tracking Job Efficiency
  • Thursday - GPS Modeling
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