Walk-thru to windup
you know where you stand

Location-based 3D view


Cut fill balance area

The output vehicle of choice for AGTEK 4D software, SmartDirt geo-references plan sheets, cut-fill maps and 3D models using the positioning capability built into your tablet or Smartphone.

You can attend pre-bid walk-thrus armed with the plan set in your pocket; geo-locate pad corners, grading limits and daylight lines; mark spoil piles; and initiate your takeoff on-site using SmartDirt’s measure mode. Email reports back to the office or save them to the cloud.


Geo-reference your takeoff to manage construction on the job. Mark work areas, trace haul paths, read labels, coordinates and elevations; and calculate enclosed cut-fill volumes, horizontal areas, sloped areas, and lengths. Turn on interactive 3D to display location-based virtual views of the existing ground or proposed design.

SmartDirt works with Android phones or tablets, and with iPhones in combination with Android tablets. Master SmartDirt in hours with expert personalized training from AGTEK.