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Livermore, CA


$980 per day, per person

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  2. Lunch is provided
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Interactive classroom instruction

Earthwork, Paving, and Pipe

Tuesday - Basic earthwork takeoff from PDF

Learn basic takeoff of original ground and proposed design from plan sheet PDFs. Topics include data entry from vector and raster PDF, data editing, quantity analysis, formatting reports and the geo-referencing of takeoff data for viewing on Google Earth, and for navigation and calculations using mobile apps on site.

Wednesday - Advanced earthwork takeoffs from CAD files

Improve precision and speed up the takeoff process using CAD files. Topics include selecting and transferring CAD data, techniques for assigning elevations, and the advanced use of templates. Other topics include strata borings, multiple surfaces, over-excavation, autopad, progress topos, staging data, state plane coordinates, map projections, introduction to GPS modeling, interpretation of drone data, and supporting the foreman’s use of mobile apps on site.

Thursday - Materials, underground and highway takeoff

Learn to create a structures list and takeoff materials and underground quantities from Pdf images, CAD data, and linework imported from AGTEK earthwork files. For highway, you will learn basic cross section and plan view takeoff of earthwork from Pdf and LandXML files, to create a mass diagram analysis and 3D models of original and proposed design.

Prerequisites: Students should have prior plan-reading experience and basic computer skills.

Class Month:
  • Tuesday - Basic Sitework
  • Wednesday - Advanced Sitework
  • Thursday - Material/UG/Highway
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