Planning performance
Documenting production

Trackwork 4D

A validation check for estimators, Trackwork 4D measures actual on-site performance and models maximum realistic production rates for your tightest achievable bids. Use Trackwork data loggers to record time and motion of trucks, excavators, scrapers, dozers, blades, compactors, pavers, and other machines, to analyze cycle times, cycle lengths, load counts, coverage ratios, speeds and moving minutes per cost hour.

Plan your proposed hauls by circling cut and fill areas on your 4D


takeoff, and watch the dirt move. Then indicate the haul path and apply realistic load volumes and cycle speeds based on prior observations over similar slopes, and estimate machine hours for each haul, with confidence based on documented experience.

Close the loop between office and field. Trackwork compares production results to bid estimates and documents with concise, colorful, convincing reports.

Earthwork 4D

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