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Production & GPS Modeling

Field Control

Takeoff Solutions - Earthwork 4D

Takeoff Solutions

AGTEK pioneered computerized earthwork takeoff in 1983 and continues to lead in takeoff, estimating, and construction Project Management. Earthwork, paving, and pipe takeoff that not only quantifies but provides unmatched field documentation throughout the entire construction process, utilizing the latest technology advancements including UAV’s / Drones and mobile app’s. AGTEK’s cloud enabled license keys and mobile app’s let you work from your office, truck or kitchen table for greater value in this connected world. AGTEK solutions put the right data in the hands of those who need it, whenever and wherever needed.

AGTEK's takeoff and civil estimating solutions focus on simplicity and accuracy. Designed to be easy to use while having powerful functions to create the most accurate bids. Software modules are available for earthwork, highway, utilities and materials. Our earthwork solutions ensure dirt is moved in the most efficient manner. Our Highway solutions allows for Mass Haul analysis and DOT data exchange on civil projects. Our Underground solution take into account trench and utility design, bedding volumes, pipe, risers, ducting and conduit, while our materials module accounts for finished surfaces, paving, curb and gutter. Using AGTEK’s takoff solutions ensure you have the right length, area, volumes, or counts or all aspects of your construction project to create an accurate takeoff and bid.

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Modeling Solutions

Modeling for Machine Control

Whether planning how the dirt moves, visualizing the cut & fill or creating the GPS model for machine control, AGTEK has a solution. Optimize equipment spreads, model simple or complex hauls, estimate how much equipment is needed, and for how many days until completion. All before mobilization and with an ease that allows a faster, deeper understanding of the project.

And when the equipment starts running that GPS machine control system needs a 3D model. AGTEK is the fastest, easiest way to get a GPS machine control model, make the inevitable changes fast and efficiently, and verify it's correct. Whether you're running AGTEK, Trimble, Topcon, or Leica machine control systems on sitework, subdivision or highway projects our models are compatible.

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Field Operations Solutions

Mobile Field Earthwork Solutions

From prebid walkthroughs to the finished pads, AGTEK field management solutions are designed to get the work done quickly and easily. Document field conditions and prepare to mobilize on your Apple or Android smartphone apps while walking on your geo-referenced plans.

Take the cut-fill grid map you've used for years and make it walkable with simple updates over the life of the job. Visualize your 3D model in the field, balance areas of cut and fill and calculate volumes between surfaces all from your smart phone.

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Drone Field Management

Harness the power of drones for earthwork progress monitoring using Gradework 4D. Easily read your large drone surfaces and aerial ortho views with quick-to-respond data handling and quantification. With the familiar feel and simplicity of your office estimating system, process drone data with ease, analyze the results against your bid, combine the data with your traditional RTK GPS ground topos and create or edit the machine model if needed. All from the seat of your pickup.

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Earthwork Production Performance

Monitor production rates of the moving machines so you know you're on budget that morning instead of the next day. Document the production now and estimate future progress. Verify the productivity of machine control on your job with your operators to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment.

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And if you need simple, flexible, easy to implement grade control or grade guidance you'll not find a better value than AGTEK's mobile RTK GPS solutions. Set grade, stake, or quick-mount to your equipment or truck. Position and grade anywhere it's needed.

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Product Focus - Maximizing the Benefits of Takeoffs

The takeoff is a digital model that can be used far beyond estimating quantities. Read more about it here . . .