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Customer Spotlight

Insourcing, Outsourcing, or Hybrid? Navigating Your Takeoff Choices

In the ever-adapting digital landscape, the way businesses operate is constantly shifting. The dilemma of whether to outsource or insource is now accompanied by a third, increasingly popular option: the hybrid approach.

At AGTEK, we aim to support every business choice by offering comprehensive solutions for takeoff, modeling, and production management that are simple to use for maximum control. We provide a list of service providers that can help when resources are tight, and we provide comprehensive tools when doing it yourself and make it easy to use when validating data and making changes when using a hybrid approach.

Key considerations when deciding which approach to take include:

• Schedule--Are resources available to meet the required deadlines?

• Knowledge--Are the complexities of the job well understood by the people doing the work and will they grasp the nuances of how you work?

• Data--Is the data required to do the job complete, accurate, and available?

• Deliverables--What deliverables are required to win the job and complete it profitably, and how will deliverables be provided and explained? This may include earthwork, materials and utility takeoff quantities, machine control models, and drone progress updates.

• Technology--Is the most up-to-date software being used and do you have access to tools to validate, edit, and leverage all data available?

• Updates--How are updates and changes made, communicated, and charged when they inevitably occur?

• Risk--What is the risk in getting something wrong and where does the liability reside?

• Cost--How much do you need to pay to produce the deliverables required to win the job and execute profitably? If errors are made or changes are required, what additional cost will be experienced?


Insourcing provides the maximum control of the project, given resources are available and have the knowledge and tools to complete the tasks. Changes can be made quickly when new information and data become available. Multiple scenarios can be developed throughout the project creating bid alternates and adjusting plans when issues are faced during execution. You gain a deep understanding of potential issues before they are uncovered on site, minimizing risk. When insourcing you remain in control at every step of the way.

Key Benefits:

1. Control: Managing projects internally ensures consistent quality and availability of deliverables required.

2. Timeliness: Direct oversight means projects progress on your terms.

3. Deep understanding: Handling projects in-house offers and in-depth grasp of the details.

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Outsourcing may be the best approach when resources are limited or unavailable, or you do not have the skills or tools available to adequately complete the work. When starting a new initiative, using a service provides an opportunity to leverage specialized skills and tools which can minimize project risk. When outsourcing, it is important to understand what deliverables you will need, and how changes will be handled to ensure the total cost of engagement is understood.

Key Benefits:

1. Specialized expertise: Access specific skills and knowledge outside your team’s domain.

2. Latest technology: Access new tools like drones to prove value before investing.

3. Lower payroll costs: Complete work without adding additional staff.

The Hybrid Approach

The hybrid model combines elements of both insourcing and outsourcing. You can outsource specific project elements, especially during peak times or for specialized tasks. However, for crucial steps like independent verification of quantities, or when you have to analyze and cross-check the outsourced work, having an in-house system becomes a competitive advantage. This dual method ensures flexibility without compromising the quality and accuracy of your projects and allows you to scale your business as demands change.

Key Benefits:

1. Scalability: Expand and contract your workforce faster, while accessing specialized expertise.

2. Minimize risk: Review deliverables in detail before committing to project liabilities.

3. Flexibility: Meet tight deadlines by leveraging all available resources.

The AGTEK Perspective

Insourcing, outsourcing, or adopting a hybrid approach all have advantages. Selecting the right approach will depend on your unique circumstances including resource availability, access to tools, internal skill, and current and future project pipeline. Whatever approach is selected, we are witnessing a greater need to stay close to the data to gain a deeper understanding of optimization opportunities, both to competitively bid on new projects and execute efficiently.

AGTEK’s solutions give you control over the whole job. The Gradework suite provides you with full-service dirt, materials, and utilities takeoff and production control. Our deliverables go beyond the spreadsheet. The SmartDirt, SmartPlan, and SmartTrack mobile apps leverage your smartphones and tablets to provide 3D graphical information to your people making quick decisions on the ground—so they get the fast answers they need to keep the job moving.

Getting started with AGTEK is easy. We call our products “dirt simple solutions” because they are built to be easy to learn and use. If you can understand and read plans, you can easily learn to use Gradework and its integrated Materials and Underground modules. We offer private one-on-one training sessions and regular hands-on and seminar-style classes on both the west and east coasts to get the most out of the data, no matter what approach is taken.

Choose AGTEK to guide you, whether you're fully insourcing, outsourcing, or venturing into the hybrid model. Let’s redefine project management together and ensure you stay in control.


Want to learn more? Contact us and we will be happy to help.