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The Dirt.Simple Express - Summer 2021

AGTEK Soon to Release Gradework Version 1.07

AGTEK will soon release a significant upgrade to Gradework with version 1.07. This version adds several new features to all integrated products for Gradework, Materials, Underground and Highway. New features include a new layer for background images along with an Image Selection dialog, customized Excel reports including an option for cost codes and increased precision when importing drone surveys.


In the upcoming version of Gradework, the sheet borders used for inserting the plan sheets and drone images have been moved from the Annotation layer to the Background Images layer. Click the Image Selection button to view all the images in the file. The Image Selection window may be moved to another screen. Rename the images to group them by type and identify the sheets easily. You may also insert the sheets using the standard procedures. Watch the video on new features in version 1.07


The Excel reports may now be customized to accommodate the user's specific needs or interface with their estimating software. On any Excel report from Gradework or Materials, you will have the option to customize the report. When exporting an Excel report you can turn off a column, change the order of the columns and save the customized list.


The import LAS has been optimized to generate an even higher detail point cloud from a drone survey. When importing a LAS file, you will have two options, Normal and High. Normal will default to a compression delta of .05 and maintain a grid spacing down to 1 ft. This will accommodate most drone surveys efficiently. If the site is large and flat with narrow areas such as trenches or ditches, select High, which sets the compression delta to .025 and creates a tighter grid spacing. This will add more detail to the dynamic compression for a more accurate representation of the ground surface model.

AGTEK Introduces SmartPlan Materials

SmartPlan now supports your Materials takeoff as you navigate on-site on your Apple or Android phone or tablet. View the material volumes by class and phase. Use Measure Mode to quickly analyze the as-builts and calculate volumes of materials placed or what needs to be completed. Communicate with the office with photos and notes to track and maintain current production schedules. Click here to view a video on the benefits of SmartPlan Materials.

AGTEK Celebrates 40 Years!

This year, AGTEK celebrates 40 years in the construction industry. From digitizers to building GPS models to drones, AGTEK has a long history of supplying practical, easy-to-use and cost-effective analysis and control solutions for the construction industry. From the beginning in the 80s where digitizing was the input method to the present using PDF, CAD and drone point cloud data, AGTEK has created Dirt.Simple.Solutions for contractors. Click here to follow AGTEK's history on LinkedIn.

Customer Spotlight - Ranger Excavating, Ltd.

With the construction industry facing its most significant skills shortage since 2007, there’s no denying that contractors will have to use savvier means to attract employees. In Austin, TX, Ranger Excavating is finding ways to expose the next generation of workers to this industry by partnering with the RangerACE Construction Camp Foundation, which showcases technology and construction opportunities to high school boys and girls through their summer camp. Click here to view the full article to see how RangerACE is raising awareness of the great life you can lead in a construction trade and make it educational and entertaining.

AGTEK Webinars

This year we have been hard at work creating new webinar material to show how to get the most out of your AGTEK software. With current conditions limiting travel for hands-on training, we will continue to reinforce the simplicity of AGTEK products. Replay the topics we have covered recently which include: What's New in Gradework, Materials and Underground for 2021 and Top 20 Tips for Takeoff. Be on the lookout for more coming out in the near future.


This webinar showed new features and enhancements in Gradework, Materials and Underground, all designed to speed up work, streamline 3rd party integration and improve analysis capabilities. Topics include advanced takeoff and modeling tools, refinement of materials quantification and management, value engineering enhancements and production management improvements.

Watch the video here.


Get the most out of your CAD and PDF data. Learn to use shortcuts to get work finished faster. Solve common problems with real-world examples. Quantify alternate construction scenarios for added value.

Watch the video here.

Weekly Tech Tips on LinkedIn

Follow AGTEK on LinkedIn for access to our weekly tech tip series. We choose a new topic each week - so far this month, we’ve shown you how to check the cut/fills to balance a site, validate underground quantity versus any surface, and how to manage repetitive tasks with templates. Do you have an idea for a future tech tip? Click here to send us your suggestions!

Click here for more training and support resources.

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