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The Dirt.Simple Express - Fall 2020

AGTEK Releases Integrated Underground

AGTEK has released a new Gradework integrated Underground module that will takeoff pipe, laterals, structures and fittings with ease. Calculate bedding, cover, pipe displacement, spoil and backfill quantities. Break your job into phases of construction with specific classes for sewer, storm, water and other underground utilities. Calculate excavation volumes by depth brackets and add strata layers to ensure accurate bidding quantities. Utilize the power of drone imagery to validate pre-bid site conditions and measure production progress during construction. Synchronize the data to mobile apps putting actionable information in the foreman's hand.

Streamlined Stringless Alignments

AGTEK will soon be adding a new modeling utility aimed at stringless curb and gutter machines. Create your surface model using the current tools already available in Gradework. Import the CAD file containaing the curb lines. Quickly conform the lines to the surface or add elevations manually. Send the Stringless Alignments to Highway mode to verify the alignments. Export the alignments to an XML file that can be loaded into your automatic curb and gutter machine. Click here to view a short video on the procedure.

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Keep in touch with AGTEK by following our blog. Click here to visit the blog on our website that will share informative Dirt Simple Stories that keep you up to date with what is going on at AGTEK.

AGTEK Webinars

This year we have been hard at work creating new webinar material to show how to get the most out of your AGTEK software. With current conditions limiting travel for hands-on training, we will contnue to reinforce the simplicity of AGTEK products. Replay the topics we have covered recently which include: Underground - A Product Introduction and Win More Infrastructure Bids with AGTEK. Be on the lookout for more coming out in the near future.

Underground - A Product Introduction

Introducing AGTEK's integrated Underground package demonstrating how to combine your earthwork takeoff with pipe inverts, quantify pipe lengths and structures by depth bracket and analyze excavation quantities by strata. Calculate bedding, cover, select backfill and spoils while also using drone imagery to measure production progress.

Watch the video here.


Import DOT's PDF and CAD data for simple, accurate takeoffs. Phase construction quantities and analyze mass hauls. Share data for interactive bid reviews and take it to the field. Validate conditions and track progress with drone data. Quickly evaluate scenarios and create bid alternates. Create engaging and professional bid submissions.

Watch the video here.


Use your dirt takeoff and haul plan to set your baseline. Measure earthwork progress with drones. Track and analyze production equipment movements. Make real time decisions based on actionable insights.

Watch the video here.

AGTEK Training & Support Resources

Many AGTEK customers have been with us since we invented digital earthwork takeoff in the ‘80s and have seasoned AGTEK vets ready to help those just learning the software. But today, many of our customers are working from their home offices making it impossible to lean over to a coworker to ask a quick question. Click here to see the options available for training and support.

New Features in Gradework 1.05

AGTEK recently released Gradework version 1.05. This version completes the integration of Gradework with Materials and Underground to seamlessly transfer data from one application to the other. The latest version of Gradework has added additional user defined surfaces. You may now enter up to 32 user defined surface. This will be beneficial when processing underground surfaces and multiple drone flights for progress topos. Click here to view a short video on all the new features.

Get current versions

To download the latest desktop versions, AGTEK support subscribers can go to Support - Downloads and click the name of the program you wish to download. When the download is complete, click the filename to install. If Windows "protects" your PC, click "More Info", then "Run Anyway" and follow the install directions to complete the installation. (To check your program version, open the program and select Help > About "program name".

To update mobile apps for iOS devices, go to App Store and click Updates. For Android devices, go to Google Play and search AGTEK..

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