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The Dirt.Simple Express - Fall 2019

Dirt simple drones

AGTEK has assembled a cost-effective, easy-to-fly drone package and processing method for use with our Gradework software to accurately measure progress and document production on site. Gradework also works with drone data from Kespry, Propeller, DroneDeploy, 3DR and other processors.

Follow Gradework's step by step user guide to quickly interpret the orthomosaic image and point cloud data from your drone flight into an accurate surface model for quantifying progress.

Graphically inspect the 3D surface to verify accuracy. Align and stage multiple drone surveys to calculate progress quantities. Scale orthomosaic images to quantify materials.

Machine tracks

AGTEK supplies economical DCS sensors you can mag-mount on construction equipment to log machine motion and provide real-time feedback for monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of production operations.

Tracks display--remotely and on-site--against geo-referenced cut-fill maps and site plans in AGTEK's SmartTrack mobile app, keeping foremen, superintendents, project managers and other stake-holders apprised of load counts, cycle lengths, cycle times, moving time, stopped time, and the location of tracked equipment.

Foreman's friend

AGTEK mobile apps allow drone data, machine tracks, site plans and job site geometry from takeoff and modeling to be funneled through the internet cloud to the foreman's phone, so he can calc cut-fill volumes on the fly, navigate his plan sheets, inspect his
GPS models, analyze his machine tracks and document his progress with time-stamped, geo-referenced tracks, notes and photos.

Materials first!

AGTEK's new Gradework integrated Materials software is great for use with drone surveys to estimate demolition or document production of curb, paving or pipe. The new integrated Materials also encourages users to streamline the takeoff process by taking off materials first, then use materials linework and structural sections to expedite taking off the dirt. The new Materials organizes data by structure, material and phase of construction and generates geo-referenced graphical reports that can be displayed on Google Earth or navigated on site on mobile devices.

Hands-on user training at AGTEK

The fastest way to master today's connected workflow, learn to fly drone surveys, use mobile apps, expedite GPS models, and refine your takeoffs is to book a seat in AGTEK's monthly 3-day training school in Livermore. Click the image to view the course outline and sign up for the class that best fits your needs and schedule.

Other options for AGTEK training:

  • View videos online at Click the desired program, then choose the topic.
  • You can sign up for training via the internet and complete your one-on-one training from the comfort of your own office. All that is required is the AGTEK software you wish to be trained on and a high-speed internet connection.
  • Michael Cope is an authorized independent AGTEK trainer who offers regional seminar style classes across the country.

Get current versions

To download the latest desktop versions, AGTEK support subscribers can go to Support - Downloads and click the name of the program you wish to download. When the download is complete, click the filename to install. If Windows "protects" you PC, click "More Info", then "Run Anyway" and follow the install directions to complete the installation. (To check your program version, open the program and select Help > About "program name".

To update mobile apps for iOS devices, go to App Store and click Updates. For Android devices, go to Google Play and search AGTEK..

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