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Sitework 4D

Materials 4D

Highway 4D


Earthwork 4D Takeoff Solutions

The Earthwork 4D suite is a complete takeoff solution for sitework, highway, paving, and pipe. Fast and easy quantities, project phasing, haul analysis, and outputs for documentation and immediate access in the field via mobile apps. All connected by cloud enabled licensing keys which maximize your investment, mobility, and value.

The Earthwork 4D takeoff suite provides extremely accurate, complete takeoffs and estimates with an ease of use that is unparalleled. Below and above ground Earthworks 4D’s solutions help create winning bids your organization can rely on. And once you have won the work use the same AGTEK model directly in your machine control system no matter the brand.

Sitework Volumes

Sitework 4D

How much dirt or rock, where is it, and what does it look like. All things needed for putting together a good, winning earthwork bid. Sitework 4D was specifically designed as a custom fit for earthwork takeoff with speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Combine that with powerful modeling features and outputs for the field for an easy to implement sitework solution.

A complete, accurate takeoff is the starting point, modelling how the material will be moved and selecting the right equipment can make the difference for a winning, profitable bid. Optimize the construction process from the start with Sitework 4D.

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Materials quantifies the work after the dirt. Use your dirt takeoff, PDF, or CAD data to measure the length, area, and counts and derive cost quantities for pavement, curb and all finished surfaces. Then use the built-in phasing to organize the project steps and create graphical, mobile outputs that keep office and field teams on the same page and the project on track.

Whether working with basic dirt takeoff or complex civil infrastructure designs, Materials accurately takes off the construction quantities and provides a complete quantity estimate no matter the materials being used.

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Roadwork has its own unique specifications and takeoff needs. Highway extends the capabilities and outputs of Sitework 4D while maintaining the simplicity and ease of use of all AGTEK products. Support for DOT and other electronic CAD data speeds data entry while multiple surfaces assist in phasing, planning, and documenting the complexities of roadwork and highway projects.

Create detailed mass haul analysis and phase construction and earthworks in the most efficient way possible. Highway 4D is the ideal tool for road, highway and major civil construction projects.

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Underground 4D

When your projects include pipe and trenches, Underground 4D provides takeoff and estimating details like depth brackets, materials breakdowns, and counts for pricing. After you win the bid take that same info to field for construction and as-built documentation on your smartphone.

Define trench templates, pipe and bedding details to get accurate volumes simply for all utilities. Export details to enable machine control models to construct trenches to minimize under or over digging to save valuable materials, and time excavating to improve your bottom line.

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