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Dirt Simple Stories

AGTEK – Easy to Use, Easy to Adopt, Easy to Stay in Control

AGTEK has been around for almost 40 years – that’s longer than cell phones, longer than the internet, and longer than GPS has been an everyday technology. But what is more impressive, is that many of our customers today are the same as when we first invented digital earthwork takeoff in the ‘80s. They know that we have been on the forefront of innovation for four decades and continue to be today by utilizing UAVs, smart mobile apps, and tracking sensors to monitor the progress of the job from takeoff to signoff.

Backed by Hexagon, AGTEK has access to the latest technology platforms while working with a wide range of industry partners to make sure our solutions are compatible with all major providers. We stay current with the most sophisticated outputs, while keeping our products optimized for the Dirt.Simple. construction our customers rely on AGTEK to do.

AGTEK is Easy to Use:

AGTEK has a proven track record of helping customers utilize technology to win more work while minimizing risk and maximizing profit. Our software is used by construction operations professionals, takeoff technicians, GPS model builders, drone pilots, and project estimators. You don’t need to be a specialist or have a University degree to master AGTEK software. We have created simple routines and built-in takeoff guides to walk you through your project from start to finish. We make it easy to quickly complete multiple bid takeoffs and then pick projects back up to model and track production upon receiving the award.

Material Takeoff Screenshot

Our training courses are taught by experienced industry professionals and tailored to all construction personnel – both on the jobsite and in the office. Trainings are focused around one of your real projects to make sure the technology is strategically embedded into your workflow and specific business need. These competency-based programs ensure better decision-making and improved bid accuracy while providing transparency to field operations.

Support you can rely on:

At AGTEK, we understand that the nature of support is unplanned and generally requires a specific response in a short time. Our technical support team is made up of industry professionals with decades of experience, both in construction and using AGTEK products. Our response rate is 100% and our average response time is under 15 minutes. The support team is available by phone or email and will personally work with you until your issue is resolved. We have an extensive catalogue of training videos , regular webinars, and thorough how-to instructions built into the software, but we know that nothing beats talking through a problem with a knowledgeable professional.

AGTEK Employee Photo

AGTEK is Easy to Adopt:

Time is likely your scarcest resource and is often a costly part of new product adoption. At AGTEK, we differentiate ourselves with tailored implementations, personalized training that is centered around your project data, and interactive support to help you build competency and confidence with the software.

AGTEK trainings are done using data from one of your upcoming jobs to make sure you put your software to work from day 1. We let you run the software yourself while we guide you via web conference to maximize your learning and retention. We also make sure that the person who sold you the software is the person that does your training to create accountability and a streamlined workflow.

In the initial training, we walk you through the takeoff procedure step by step. AGTEK can import all major file types, but most commonly you will start by importing the PDFs or CAD files for the project. We know CAD data can be intimidating, so we built a CAD reader into the software so that you don’t have to have an AutoCAD license or even know how to use AutoCAD to be able to utilize the CAD data in AGTEK. You will often want to use data from both your PDFs and CAD files so we will show you how to align both data sets to verify accuracy and add detail. Our technical support team also maintains licenses to all major design software used in civil construction so they will gladly help with data conversion or untangling problematic files.

Sitework Takeoff 3D View

Hands-on Training Classes

Outside of COVID-19 restrictions, we host monthly small group, hands-on training classes. These 3-day interactive lessons are the fastest and most thorough way to learn all the AGTEK tips and tricks. The sessions are taught by expert AGTEK trainers and attended by dirt movers and model builders from across the country, giving you an inside look at how other companies in the industry have implemented and utilized AGTEK tools.

AGTEK Training Class

AGTEK Makes it Easy to Stay in Control:

Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate and the ability to leverage new technology is an important decision in any software evaluation. The proliferation of UAVs, mobile platforms, cloud storage, and open interfaces to share and communicate create a world of new possibilities. At AGTEK, we have a 40-year history of harnessing the power of new technologies and putting them in the hands of our customers.

If you have AGTEK software, you can do your own takeoffs, build and edit your own GPS models, and review your own drone data. We know design changes are inevitable and give you the power to make them immediately in the field without having to rely on third-party services. Our Dirt.Simple.Solutions. are built to help you do it yourself.

Takeoff Model Track Control Graphic

To keep you up to date on the latest advancements in the field, we host monthly educational webinars, constantly update our online resource library, and provide frequent hands-on training opportunities. We like to say that “we stay in business by helping you stay in business” so we stay current with all the latest industry developments to do just that.


When making a technology investment it is important to evaluate the complete offering – from implementation to training and from support to continual improvement. At AGTEK, providing Dirt.Simple.Solutions. goes beyond easy to use software – it extends to ensure you get the most out of your technology through streamlined implementations, competency-based training programs, and world class support to keep you working efficiently and effectively through every phase of your project.

Drone over Jobsite

Training and Support Resources

For more training resources you can visit our training and support resources page or contact us and we will be happy to help.