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Web Training Classes

Gradework 4D - $500

This Gradework 4D class covers processing drone data files. Topics include: modifying your Sitework 4D takeoff for project management, importing and processing drone flight images and point clouds, and calculating progress topos.

Sitework 4D Basics - $500

The Sitework 4D Basics of dirt takeoff class covers entry of original ground, stripping, proposed design and subgrade from PDF plan sheets. Topics include: data entry, editing, quantity analysis, formatting of earthwork reports and AGTEK KMZ files.

Highway 4D Training - $500

This class includes cross section entry from PDF and entering alignments from plan view PDF files. Topics include: mass haul diagram analysis, coordinate geometry (COGO), editing cross sections, and formatting reports. Class requires previous Sitework 4D experience.

Materials 4D Training - $500

This class includes takeoff entry from Sitework 4D and PDF files. This class also covers instruction on material and structure databases. Other topics include: formatting reports and AGTEK KMZ files.

Underground 4D Training - $500

This class includes pipe entry and trench quantities from Sitework 4D and PDF files. This class also includes instruction on pipe and structure databases, computing bedding, cover, backfill, pipe displacement and pipe lengths. Other topics include: formatting reports and AGTEK KMZ files.

Trackwork 4D Training - $500

This training class covers techniques for haul planning and performance tracking to validate estimates and close the loop between office and field.

SmartPlan/SmartDirt Training - $500

This class covers techniques for geo-referencing your takeoff or model for use on the job site with a mobile device. Topics covered: mobile app basics, navigate the site with the cut-fill gridmap and plan set in the background, documenting site conditions with photos, notes and tracks. Other topics include: 3D View of your GPS model, entering balance regions, updated drone topo surface and orthomosaic image.

SmartTrack Training - $500

Learn how to manage production in the field from real time equipment tracks from simple 4D Sensors. This class covers setting up track sensors on equipment and SmartTrack basics such as current measure of load counts, cycle times, moving time, stopped time and location of tracked equipment.

Sitework 4D Basics - $500
Highway 4D - $500
Materials 4D - $500
Underground 4D - $500
Gradework - $500
Trackwork 4D - $500
Site Modeling - $500
SmartPlan/SmartDirt - $500
SmartTrack - $500
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