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Customer Spotlight

Nature Positive and Net-Zero Construction, Part 1

By Matthew Desmond, President of AGTEK

Hexagon (AGTEK’s parent company) has a company vision to help the industry achieve Net Zero. Our vision is a future where data is fully and autonomously leveraged so that business, industry, and humanity can sustainably thrive. Essentially, this means minimizing waste along all aspects of the value chain.

To get there, our mission is to put data to work to enable autonomous, connected ecosystems that boost efficiency, productivity, and quality for our customers. It’s all about using technology as a conduit to get there.

In 2021, we accelerated our commitment to sustainability at scale, through the launch of R-evolution – a business venture focused 100% on leveraging Hexagon’s technologies in green-tech markets. Moving forward, we intend to continue to partner with customers in leading the way with sustainable business practices.

Heavy Construction Industry is not going away any time soon. Our world is growing, and physical infrastructure will continue to be the backbone of human living spaces.

• The world is building the equivalent of New York City every month

• Global population is expected to increase from 8 billion today to 10 billion by 2050

• 4 billion people are living in cities today, which is on the way to 6.5 billion by 2050

• With improving living standards, the needs of society will further increase

There is no hiding from the fact that the construction of buildings and infrastructure consumes large amounts of resources and with an ever-growing population, increased urbanization, and expectations for higher living standards, demand will increase.

As an industry, we are responsible for:

Spotlight Nature Positive

Our technology helps construction companies complete projects on time, on budget, and on specification, helping in all these areas, but importantly also helping construction companies’ profitability as all of this waste costs the contractor money.

Luckily it does not take a large change to make a massive impact. A 1% change in fuel efficiency in the industry will result in a 1.2B metric Ton of CO2 reduction per year. And a 1% improvement in asphalt recycling would be enough to pave an additional 40,000 miles of roads.

Small changes can make a big difference. Imagine what we can do as an industry as we work together to become more sustainable.

Visit next month’s blog for more on how technology can help clean up Heavy Construction.


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