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Customer Spotlight

Western Earthmoving - AGTEK in Australia

Mathew Jenkin, Estimating Manager at Western Earthmoving in Australia, shares how AGTEK helps his team develop accurate earthwork quantities quickly.

Tell me a little bit about your company and the type work you do.

WEM is a family owned and operated civil engineering contractor based in Sydney, Australia with a 60-year history of land development and infrastructure projects. We support our clients as head/principal contractor for residential subdivisions as well as other industrial and commercial developments. We support local and state government authorities constructing infrastructure works, as well as partnering with other builders to assist on the civil aspects of their projects, including high rise buildings, theme parks, warehouses, schools etc. Our core focus is residential land subdivision where we currently on average deliver 3-4,000 lots per year to the market for home buyers. We take great pride in having contributed to a vast majority of new suburbs in greater Sydney and New South Wales over this period. Our works including clearing, demolition, remediation and earthworks, through to roads, stormwater, utility works and landscaping. We have a fleet of 180 conventional earthworks equipment maintained in by our own workshop. We currently employ 220 people.

When did you start using AGTEK software?

WEM commenced using AGTEK software over 10 years ago.

How do you use AGTEK?

WEM uses AGTEK in the estimating department to develop and analyse earthwork quantities for takeoff purposes to include in our quotes. We also use the software to generate cut and fill plans and balance quantities to assist our construction teams undertaking earthworks on the ground. We also use the software to analyze and model works in adverse ground conditions such as unsuitable fill and contaminated ground, as well as different types of ground and rock conditions.

Western Earthmoving Jobsite Photo

Why do you use AGTEK?

AGTEK is used mainly because it is so easy. WEM can generate extremely accurate earthworks quantities in a very little amount of time, based on any information we are provided. We can also create our own designs and models if we are assisting clients without any design work done to date.

Western Earthmoving Project - Aerial Photo

You already have a number of AGTEK users at your company. How do you train new people in the software?

WEM have 6 people in the estimating team using the AGTEK on a day to day basis. We have 3 other management staff experienced in the software who have moved on from the estimating department and a team of 6 construction surveyors who can use the program. Our training includes utilizing AGTEK training guides to get new users familiar with the interface, and then internal training will other team members on how WEM uses the software. We also keep in touch with the AGTEK Webinars and updates to ensure we are up-to date with all the latest features we can be utilizing.

What kind of files do you typically start projects from? (PDF, CAD, XML, etc.)

WEM uses DWG & DXF CAD files which are supplied by our client’s designers. We also regularly use PDF files when these are not available. Other common files include 12D (which we need to convert to use in AGTEK) as well as XML and TTM less frequently.

How do you use the AGTEK mobile apps?

WEM estimating team uses the mobile apps when inspecting the sites during preparation of our bids. We also use these when handing over and presenting the projects to construction staff.

Western Earthmoving Equipment


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